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Our audience is hungry for information that is trending and insightful. Their tastes and choices are evolving by the day in search of fresh and unique content. Realizing this need, we at Alldatmatterz keep up with this challenge at all times to ensure our user base is not only maintained but also increasing.

ADM users need a daily dose of entertainment - from Bollywood masala to TV celebrity updates and we provide them with just that. Then we have our sports and tech enthusiasts who love receiving trending news of their favorite section. Apart from these we have shoppers, music lovers, foodies, educationists, etc. that constitute of the rest of our target audience.

Entertainment & Celebrity News Junkies 19%
Education 15%
Sports 18%
Shoppers 11%
Shutterbugs 15%
Mobile Enthusiasts 12%
Health & Fitness Buffs 20%
Foodies 18%
Music Lovers 11%
TV Lovers 20%


  • Native Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Contextual Video Ads

Alldatmatterz in-house team works with various brands after clearly understanding what their marketing objective and campaign is all about. We then create relevant articles aligned with those objectives.Our motto is to make these branded write ups into stories so the target audience can easily relate and the same is shared instantly.

We make these storied write ups in the forms of listicles, charticles, infographics and long format articles. All our branded content is listed on the trending and most popular sections for greater visibility and accessibility.

With social media being a boon today, we highly rely on it to ensure brand awareness. It is considered the fastest medium to gain virality and discovery of information.At Alldatmatterz, with a large fanbase on our social media channels, we ensure you high engagement and visibility for your branded stories that we publish.

We prefer publishing contextual video ads that are in tandem with the content on the platform. It’s not considered promotional in a very direct way. It is rather considered more informative, engaging with an enhanced user experience.These native videos does not interfere with the experience of the user at all. It is a very subtle way of advertisement. Such videos can also be published on our social media channels along with the website.



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Understand your objectives and requirements.

Brainstorming strategies to create branded content that can quickly go viral.

Share that content on our platform and social media channels.

Keep track of performance and regularly submit insights of the same.

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